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Removing OXtender after Outlook 2010 install

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  • Removing OXtender after Outlook 2010 install

    It's not my primary e-mail platform, as I try to use OX webmail exclusively, but we can't really ignore Outlook as a email program, and 2010 is the best version yet.

    So I've installed 2010, after removing 2007, but without removing OXtender, and now I can't remove OXtender through "Add/Remove Program", as the uninstall only works with version 2003 and 2007, and my OXtender version only works with Outlook 2003/2007.

    In 2010 I still see some of my calender appointments done in OX and possibly tasks too, but it doesn't get synchronized with my OX account anymore, and feels broken, and so I'd like to clean up Outlook. I guess it could some Outlook calender file, and I just manually need to clean it up.

    Any ideas how to remove OXtender now? And what is the ETA on OXtender 2?

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    the old OXtender and Outlook 2010 will not work as you may already know. There is no ETA yet, we're in internal partner beta. Please report the uninstallation issue through the support.