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Pluggable Importers/Exporters does not function on OX 6.18.x

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    Can confirm this problem, to solve this problem i adjust the outlook files in /opt/open-xchange/importCSV/outlook2003* to import a csv generate by Thunderbird.

    Greeting akendo

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  • janny_buh
    Any news about this problem?
    I've posted a simple patch (17372 ) to ICalImporter that adds an optional HTTP parameter in order to suppress email notifications to participants.

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  • Pluggable Importers/Exporters does not function on OX 6.18.x

    I'm trying to add a custom Ical Importer because I need to suppress email notifications when importing appointments into OX.

    After reading this:
    Building an importer

    I started to copy&paste the default ICalImporter and applied a simple switch in order to suppress notifications, but now I'm not able to deploy my custom importer because it seems that Spring is no longer used to build the Importer and Exporter lists.

    Looking at com.openexchange.ajax.ImportExport it's clear that the init() method now builds the importerExporter object by manually adding importers and exporters and it does not look to the /opt/open-xchange/etc/groupware/importerExporter.xml file (as it was supposed to).

    Is this the intended behaviour? How can I add my custom Importer?