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    i'm interested in openxchange as a private user and want to sign a contract with an ox-provider (ox6-server). but after searching for working clients with ox i'm not completely sure, what works and what not. so i'm sorry, if this question is too simple but perhaps it's a short-time-help, you could give me.

    i need to sync contacts, calendar and tasks. i need no mail and no infospace or webspace.

    i'm using thunderbird with lightning in general and there is the oxtender. is this the only solution today? the oxtender is great, but seems to be not too reliable. i could switch to outlook , but only under win7, but is there a free oxtender or some equivalent solution? i didn't found an actual one. under ubuntu i could use evolution (even, because thunderbird makes trouble with lightning in the lte-version). at least i don't have a problem with using sunbird, if this is easier than thunderbird/lightning?

    what about android? i bought a 2.1-phone (it's on the way) and rely on several sources in the net, that the calendar or additional apps are able to sync to ox. (the provider offers a mobility option, whitout this, it won't work, right? or does this depent on the client (andorid 2.1)).

    thx for any help, greets,

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    Hi Karsten,

    the OXtender for Thunderbird is the only solution i know for Thunderbird. If you find any issues, the development community of that connector will most likely help you and fix the issue to make it even more mature and stable. I am not aware of a free Outlook connector for OX or any other groupware solution. Sunbird is not longer supported by Mozilla and has been replaced by the Lightning project iirc. Android 2.1 is supported by the OXtender for Business mobility since 6.18.1. If your service provider offers this service, you can synchronize calendar, tasks, contacts and mail with your mobile phone tightly integrated without 3rd party tools.



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      thx a lot, that was a help