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Android 1.5 G1, 2.1, 2.2 (with a 3rd party EAS client)

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  • Android 1.5 G1, 2.1, 2.2 (with a 3rd party EAS client)

    We just can't get synchronization working with a Desire HD with Android 2.2, but it works with a normal Desire.

    So I'm asking - what 3rd party EAS client might that be I should look for?

    Caspar Milan Nielsen
    Netsite -
    Web Hosting in Denmark - Secure, Reliable and Fast

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    Hi Caspar,

    we fixed that with 6.18.2 which has been released just today. The desire HD used a new device identifier that was not in our database. Based on that identifier we apply workarounds for the buggy HTC EAS client. We've successfully tested a Desire HD ROM on a Desire device with 6.18.2.



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      After the update from 6.18.1 to 6.18.2 I can sync anymore. I just see
      "INFO: USERNAME: EAS access disabled for user"

      The problem is, that I can not modify my account settings, because the cli authentication for oxadmin
      is not working(see "oxadmin not working on CLI" and "Setting default SENT folder").

      Are the USER settings automatically changed while running an upgrade 6.18.1->2 ?

      Bye, Peer
      I've tried to set it for the whole context (default -> on)


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        A second question: On your test system "" there is a button "mobile phone"
        to send the correct configuration to the mobile device.
        Where is the button, or where can I activate the button ?
        Android is not in the list, is this correct ?

        Bye, Peer


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          You need to install the packages open-xchange-mobile-configuration-gui, open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json, open-xchange-mobile-configuration-generator and open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json-action-email. Or simply install open-xchange-meta-mobility.


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            zypper se mobile | grep ^i
            i | open-xchange-gui-mobile | Package containing the Open-Xchange Mobile GUI | Paket
            i | open-xchange-mobile-configuration-generator | This bundle provides methods to configure mobile devices for Active Sync | Paket
            i | open-xchange-mobile-configuration-gui | Open-Xchange Gui for Mobility Configuration. | Paket
            i | open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json | The Open-Xchange VoipNow JSON bundle | Paket
            i | open-xchange-mobile-configuration-json-action-email | Mobility Configuration eMail transport. | Paket

            It seem's that everything is installed, but there is no button in the gui