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IMAP/Web Mail Issues due to migration of 600 users to OX6

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  • IMAP/Web Mail Issues due to migration of 600 users to OX6

    Dear Friends,

    OK, so $CUSTOMER has finally ordered OX6 SE and we are busy migrating away form the old SuSE SLOX to the new OX6 (6.20)

    However I have some problems moving peoples mailboxes, I looked throught these forums a lot but cannot really find an answer.

    I freshly installed OX6, LDAP, Postfix, Sieve, Cyrus etc. on the new server and mail delivery of users to the new server works, so does accessing the mail using POP/IMAP to the new server from OX6.

    JHowever we face two issues:

    1- People have sub-folders in the INBOX which do nt show up as proper folders within OX6 webmail. When I set the normal M$-Outlook generated Mailboxes (Sent Items, Junk, Trash etc.) in the cyrus "autosubscribeinboxfolders:" to these folders, then I can "see" them sort of "implicitly" wth check boxes, when I click the "subscribe mailbox" function. All of these mailboxes are then "ticked".

    But how do I make them show "properly" as "real" subfolders in OX6 ? I tried com.openexchange.imap.mboxEnabled=true in, but no use.

    I _can_ however create a new folder in OX6 and this does show up in the web front end and also on disk in the Cyrus /var/spool/impa/user/snoopy directory. So something is working, I just do not know how to tell OX6 to "import" everything in the users IMAP hierarchy.

    Might this be related with -> see below

    2- Sieve

    I also copied all the user sieve command firles from /var/lib/sieve for the old sevrer to the new and sieve etc. is running on the new server.

    Does OX6 need its Sieve files as a special name ? Currently most users have a sieve "default" file in their sieve directory., but in rgw filwe name is Open-Xchange?? Should I rename the old sieve scripts to this file name ?

    I am sorry if these are obsolete questions, I did look at most of the links available through the forum but could not reeally find an answer.

    I would really appreciate some pointers or links rto better documentation.

    Thank you very much in advance...


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    regarding SIEVE: you can either rename the script files or just configure another name that OX should use. If the sieve rule format is compatible to OX6, it'll show the rules from the specified script(s).
    regarding IMAP folders: Can you post a screenshot or something to make it more clear what's the problem? It may be an issue that the old IMAP server did use altnamespace and the new one does not (or vice versa). The most current version of OX should detect all kinds of "default" folders properly.