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Are there any restrictions in providing mails for POP download?

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  • Are there any restrictions in providing mails for POP download?


    Im trying to use open exchange with Zoho CRM as a POP account (they cannot configure it as an IMAP account for some reason). Whichever mails are given by OX server for POP download will be available in Zoho.

    POP behaviour is such that all mails in OX server should be downloaded to the Inbox of the POP client (Zoho). The folder structure will not be retained but that is fine. However, not all the mail in all the folders are available in Inbox of Zoho - is there any restriction in providing mails for POP download?

    Also, copies of my Sent emails are stored within OX in the Sent folder, but this folder definitely is not being downloaded into Zoho - can i change the settings to make Sent available for POP download too?



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    You are asking this in the HE/SE forum. Open-Xchange itself does not provide a POP3 server. All mails you see within Open-Xchange are saved on the IMAP server behind Open-Xchange. That server works as your POP3 server and therefore you need to find out if it's possible at all to fetch mails from that server from alternative folders besides INBOX. I do not think that there is an IMAP server where you can fetch for example your Sent folder via POP3 though.
    Sorry, I do not know a good solution for your scenario.