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Basic viability advice sought.. please :)

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  • Basic viability advice sought.. please :)

    I've found a new web/email host I want to work with but they don't have Open X-change. I want to install Open X-change (email via web and Android, for a few low volume addresses) on my host. Will hosts generally allow that? If so, what edition of OX do I install. Over what flavour of Linux would be recommended. What would aporx. system requirements be? (I'm sure I'll hire local Linux talent to finish helping once I understand if it's viable. Sorry I'm such a new but this has been important to me for a while and I must tackle it. Thank you.
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    Definitely it might be useful for you. I have never tried this one. I will have a look and if it works out I will let you know.


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      I'd appreciate any advice at all. Thanks for you considderation Mark.