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Nightly builds overwritting files??

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  • Nightly builds overwritting files??


    I have a Linux server running ox6. I noticed that a bunch of files I've edited were being reverted nightly. Among these files include the .css, .csz, .js, and .jsz files in the ox6 web directory. I'm not sure exactly whats going on, but I would like to stop it.

    I know that the language translations have nightly builds. So it seems to me that in order for these pootle updates to take effect in the UI the js and css files in ox6 directory must be rebuilt (or at least the language .js files which im editing to rename words like "participants" to "workers).

    So my question is whats going on and is there anything I can do to stop it?

    I would like to have freedom over editing the UI and server script files (really any files) without having my changes be overwritten the next day.

    Thanks in advance for any insight anyone could provide.

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    I'm not sure I fully understand, but are you building your own UI from sources, edit the generated files, and are wondering why they get overwritten when you build from sources again?


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      I'm not manually running any builds. I'm simply editing the generated files and wondering why they are getting overwritten when I wake up in the morning. I'm wondering if Open Xchange has some default nightly build setting or something and if so how can it be disabled.

      To be clear I am editing the javascript and css files responsible for the UI. That includes gzipping them into the .jsz and .cssz files, which are what actually gets sent to the client.
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        No, there are no automatic builds. Do you have any cron jobs which run nightly, especially an "apt-get update"?


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          The .jsz, .cssz and other files are always overwritten, because they are not marked as configuration files. If we not overwrite them it could be possible that the whole GUI doesn't work after an update.
          Markus Wagner
          Open-Xchange Quality Assurance


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            they are not configure files,That's why i am not sure that it is automatic build.