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Format of csv file for bulk-import of users

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  • Format of csv file for bulk-import of users

    Hello all,

    I did not find a correct format for the csv-file one can use to import users in a batch.
    We have users with german umlauts in their names, as well as department-names with some more "special characters".
    It would be ideal to have an example file (skeleton) where all possible exceptions are explained.
    It was not possible for me - as an example - to simply double-qoute "Müller", "Jörg", "Abteilung 1.12, Müllverwertung"
    and to import this correctly.
    This is not just a cosmetic error as you might guess: if you import users like this, you get invalid values in some of the fields. It is sometimes impossible to do a "changeuser" manually afterwards, because the field contains garbage.

    There must be a better and simpler way to do that.

    TIA, Philipp

    (edited some typos)
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    The files are normally in UTF-8. If you want an example file, just export some test contacts.