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Questions about Open Xchange Hosting Edition for a newbie

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  • Questions about Open Xchange Hosting Edition for a newbie

    Hi all,

    Im like to try Open Xchange Hosting Edition but im a bit lost.
    The first question is, Open Xchange Hosting Edition is open source as i read in Wikipedia (so for free) or its comercial so need to pay yearly?
    Thesecond question is, whats the main website for Open Xchange? the main website to download the software and the manuals.

    Thats my first questions, thank you all in advance



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    hey even my question is same.... I really don't know inspite of the manuals , is there any other way to download software (Hosting Edition or community edition etc).. it seems no way around... quite confusing

    plzzzzz anybody help ....
    Thank u


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      OX is opensource and the community version is built from it. That said, OX features a good plugin support and some plugins developed from the OX team are not opensource. Arguably the most notable one is active sync support.

      A somewhat outdated product matrix can be found here:

      The main website of OX is

      If you want instructions on how to setup your own community version instance of OX take a look here: