Does anybody of you tried to write an own Portal-Plugin for the App Suite and got it to run? I used this official manual and copied exactly the given example code to a new folder (/plugins/portal/myPluginName/), and adjust the names in the files for sure. But it doesn't show up somewhere in the system (it seems not even to be loaded).

The debug commands print out only the standard list of plugins without my plugin.

Question 1: It is necessary to restart the OX server or a service to detect/load my new plugin? It would be unusual for a web-application... but how knows?!

The strange thing is, that I found two locations on the server which containing the plugin files:
- /var/www/appsuite/apps/plugins/portal/ and
- /opt/open-xchange/appsuite/apps/plugins/portal/
I copied my plugin to both locations, with no effect (Btw: the first one looks like the right web-root, but I don't know)

Question 2: Which directory of theses is usally the right one?

Before I gave up I thought, maybe I need some configuration things to bring the plugin to the portal page. The config manual says something about a file in /opt/open-xchange/etc/settings/portal.yml.
1) This file doesn't exist on our server, and 2) this settings-directory contains only ".properties" files and no YAML files.

Question 3: Generally, how I bring up my plugin, is something missing in the manual?

Some infos:
Appsuite GUI: 7.4.1-rev5 (parallel for test use)
OX6 GUI: 6.22.5-rev5 (for production use)
OX Server: 7.4.1-rev9
Server OS: Debian 6.0