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OX and Thunderbird ActiveSync - looking for users to test ActiveSync AddOn

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  • jobisoft
    I created TbSync, because the company of my wife switched to a collaboration system, which does not support CalDAV/CardDAV, but only EAS. So, yes it is true that Thunderbird has decent CalDAV support, but that is not helping, if your Server does not support it.

    Strato Mail is using OX? I did not know that. But I learned a few hours ago, that it works with, which is using OX. But it would still be interesting to know, if it works with a standard OX installation.

    If your OX Installation is supporting autodiscover, the account setup should take just a few seconds.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Wolfgang Rosenauer
    I'm almost saying "sounds interesting" ;-)

    Actually I looked at your addon page and you are listing Strato as supported. Does this refer to their Office 365 offering or their "Strato Mail" because if the latter works I would say you already tested against OX App Suite successfully?

    And quickly to my "almost" above:
    Mail and Calendar in Thunderbird is already supported quite well via IMAP and CalDAV so I personally would have never searched for an addon to support EAS. Probably for contacts though it's a useful addition.
    When I find time I might play around with it and check against my OX setup.

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  • OX and Thunderbird ActiveSync - looking for users to test ActiveSync AddOn


    I posted this also in the community section, but I learned that only the HE/SE supports ActiveSync, so I repost it here again. Sorry for the double post.

    I'm the developer of TbSync, an ActiveSync AddOn for Thunderbird:
    TbSync ist eine zentrale Benutzeroberfl?che zur Verwaltung von Cloud-Konten und zur Synchronisierung ihrer Kontakt-, Aufgaben- und Kalenderinformationen mit Thunderbird.

    The latest version is available directly at my GitHub release page (Mozilla always takes a while to review new versions):
    [Thunderbird Add-On] Central user interface to manage cloud accounts and to synchronize their contact, task and calendar information with Thunderbird - jobisoft/TbSync

    The AddOn works with a large number of servers and services:

    However, I was not yet able to test it with OX. I do not have the resources to set up my own OX server, so I am looking here for users, who are interested and willing to test!

    Feedback is appreciated.

    Best regards,