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    Hi OX Team !

    We are an Austrian ISP and testting OX HE.

    The setup went well, but now there are some questions.

    How can i create Public email folders ?

    I think I must have a imap account on our mailserver. But how can i integrate this imap account as public email folder-

    What are shared folders ?

    What additionally i can do with the context admin ?


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    As all E-Mail related functionality depends on the IMAP Server. Sharing Mailboxes or folders requires ACL enabled, then the user or administrator is able to set permissions. This functionality purely depends on your IMAP Server, Open-Xchange can handle ACL and user can set them, if allowed, but there are no special "Public E-Mail folders" that are created or managed by OX itself.

    Shared folders are groupware folders like calendar/addressbook/tasks/infostore that are shared to other users. For example if UserA shares his calendar to UserB, UserB is able to see and create appointments in that folder, depending on the permissions granted. Same goes for all other modules.

    From the users point-of-view, the context admins main function is to catch shared folders of users that have been deleted to maintain availability of data. Other functions are purely related to provisioning and normally not available for the user. For further information about administration and maintenance please refer to: There is a seperated chapter for context administration that covers the role of the context admin user.



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      Ich glaube wir können uns auch in Deutsch verständigen.

      Admin GUI gibt es aber keine für OXHE.

      Das pdf kenne, weiss aber nicht genau welches Kapitel du da im speziellen meinst.



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        Sorry hab da noch was vergessen.

        Ich kann natürlich mittels acl einen public folder machen.

        Dieser wird aber immer in der inbox des Users aufscheinen und nie unter dem Public Folder

        Ist das korrekt.



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          Originally posted by homa View Post
          Admin GUI gibt es aber keine für OXHE.
          Es gibt keine von Open-Xchange entwickelte Admin-GUI, allerdings haben sowohl wir als auch einige unserer Partner sehr interessante Admin-GUIs und generell Provisioning-Lösungen in der Pipeline.

          Neben kommerziellen Provisioning Tools addressieren unsere Partner u.a. auch Integrationen für Admin-Frameworks wie ISPConfig:

          Solltest Du als ISP diesbezüglich Informationen benötigen, unseren Hosting-Newsletter erhalten möchten oder falls Zugang zu unseren Hosting Portalen benötigen kannst Du mir gern deine Kontaktdaten an daniel.halbe[AT] senden.