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    Hello, i need some advice on what version of OX to go for.

    Of course the community version may be better financially but this not the only criteria so purchasing commercial version is also possible.

    Here is the current situation.

    We have 2 offices, couple remote workers and sales team that are often our on the road or out of country.

    At the moment we have dedicated server at hosters for company websites, we have secondary mail server in main office that pulls in all user mail from dedicated server via fetchmail. This processes for spam and viruses and then distributed to users via IMAP using Thunderbird and Squirrelmail.

    The problem is that there is no central address book for mail so users can't access TB address book via SM, also file sharing is limited and access to docs when on the road is not possible.

    This has to change as users are wanting to put remote desktop access software on PC, not good. A groupware solutions is required which is why i am looking at OX

    Currently there is no LDAP implementation for users or address books, calendars.

    I am not sure i want to change the mail server setup as believe this will be major hassle.

    I know that Server edition allows for external mail server setup but does the community edition?

    How big a deal is it move current mail server setup into solution that provides everything such as OX Express?

    Can i still setup mail so users don't have to change user and server settings in mail client?

    User currently use Sunbird calender, can their data be imported into OX?

    Also is accessing shared calendars via Sunbird/Lightning possible?

    many thanks

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    Nobody help out here?