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Calendar Events not showing in Outlook

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  • Calendar Events not showing in Outlook

    OXtender on Outlook 2003
    Server/GUI 6.8.0-6802

    I have a company wide Calendar along with the user Calendar.
    If I create an event In the Company Calendar with WebGUI it gets added to my personal Calendar. But Outlook wont see it.
    Its even the same If I create the event in Outlook 2003 It does not populate it over to the personal Calendar.
    Also Outlook does not let me to accept the request, I click accept but nothing happens. I also dont get the notification that the meeting is about to start.
    WebGUI works great and does everything fine.

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    could it be that you have enabled the option "Show all my appointments from all calendars" (below the calendar view)? Then the Web UI will show all appointments where you are participating on your personal calendar. Gonna check this Outlook-Accept think. What kind of appointment are you trying to accept exactly?



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      Im creating Meeting requests


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        I can now accept the requests in Outlook. But they are still not doing Notifications and sending them to my USER calendar in Outlook.


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          Ok I think I have this figured out. Its a a bit of a pain but it work.
          I have to open the Calendar entry and manually check on the reminders and set the # of min. Then click "save and close". Then Outlook displays..
          "The reminder for "Meeting Name" will not appear because the item is not in your Calendar or Tasks folder. Is this OK?
          I click "YES" Then Outlook come back and reports...
          :The item could not be saved because it has been changed by another user or in another window. Do you want to make a copy in the default folder for the item?"
          I click "YES"
          Then OXtender reports a "Conflict detected!"
          The problem is OX has the entry in my USER calendar but outlook wont see it, so when outlook copy's it over I get the conflict. I can click Ignore and all is good, but my users are will have to click "YES" twice and "Ignore" just to get things working and I'm going to hear all kinds of complaints.
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