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  • Automatically create a user

    I've setup a current SE system (SLES10), which so far is looking pretty good ... most everything I configured is already working, including authentication against Cyrus IMAP instead of local user database (Cyrus, in turn, authenticates against a local LDAP database ported from OX5).

    Now, the system I'm porting has something like 600-700 users, so I would prefer not to have to create all of those ... (even if I'd use a script to do it) Also, I have a second install coming up which will have users created from a central LDAP database. Therefore, it would be really nice if no additional steps were necessary to activate users in OX ... just put 'em into the LDAP db and have OX take the necessary steps, using some kind of template or something to fill in the necessary information ...

    Is this possible?

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    You could use OXLDAPSync to sync the users into the OX database.


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      OK, apart from problems with the filter function (which doesn't seem to work as intended), I got it to work ...