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oxconnector does not sync with OX database

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  • oxconnector does not sync with OX database


    I have initially posted my question on the Funambol forum. I'm resending it here as I didn't get any feedback and there are certainly people here who have been successfully using the oxconnector.

    I have the following setup:
    - Open-Xchange Server Edition 6.8.1
    - Funambol 7.1
    - Funambol OXconnector 7.0.5

    I successfully synchronize mobile phones with Funambol:
    - user credential is checked with Open-Xchange
    - data is properly synchronized with Funambol

    However, Funambol database is not synchronized with the Open-Xchange database: any change in Open-Xchange (contact modification for example) is not visible when I synchronize my mobile with Funambol.

    Still, I can see that oxlistener is regularly connecting successfully to Open-Xchange as shown in the Open-Xchange log (open-xchange.log.0):

    Jun 30, 2009 2:41:24 PM​siond.impl.SessionHa​ndler addSession
    INFO: Session created. ID: c0f9fc0dd4574ad7a913​dda2562fc0d0, Context: 1, User: 53

    Any idea on what I am missing to get proper synchronization or on what I should look at to find where the problem is coming from?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Hi Michaël ,

    could you please sniff the network traffic between Funambol and OX? Maybe some errors are thrown. Did you check the Funambol log file?



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      Hi Martin,

      thank you for your quick reply. Analyzing the traffic gives me the following information: the oxlistener successfully manages to connect to the Open-Xchange server, it gets a session id from the Open-Xchange server. Then, the only thing that it does is logout from the Open-Xchange server using the correct session id.

      It does not do anything in-between. I would expect that it would do the synchronization here, right?

      Kind regards,