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  • user logon case sensitive

    As I did not get any reaction, neither here nor from support, please let me repost this question in english. Maybe somebody has seen something similar recently.

    I have upgraded an Installation from OX 6.8.1 to 6.12.0 rev4 and now there is a problem: Since the upgrade the username field for logon is case sensitive. If the user is, I can login with but not with First.Name. If I try to login with capitals I get the error message "User First.Name does not exist in context 1".

    This is more than nasty as autocomplete in firefox will always complete my name with capitals as I initially typed it with capitals.

    I am using ImapAuth. Imap Authentication is going well even if I use capitals. I checked with tcpdump and saw the "Login ok". After that, I get the error message complaining about the non-existing user.

    Is there any way to get rid of this behaviour?


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    The case intensiveness got lost due to a necessary change into the database, see


    Change #114

    Bug #14178 “User management broken when using non ASCII chars in user
    names” required the following change: The login name of the user must
    be distinguished in the database to resolve login names User and
    Üser. Therefore the collation must be changed to utf8_bin because the
    current collation returns true if User and Üser are matched.
    COLLATION is changed from utf8_unicode_ci to utf8_bin on column uid of
    table login2user. This is done by a database update task. Additionally
    the update task is registered in the updatetasks.cfg configuration



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      So to get back the old behavior we'd simply have to change back the collation in the database?

      It is nearly impossible to get First.Name out of the form/password autocompleter in Firefox once it is in there, so we might rather stay with the User/Üser Bug than to fight down stubborn Firefoxes. As we are using ImapAuth, this will chuck out any "Üsers" anyway.


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        I'd say: Never touch the OX database!

        The forms in firefox can easily be cleared using Tools/Clear Private Data (or pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del, which opens the popup to select what to clear).


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          A useful trick I learned recently myself:
          If you want to remove an autocomplete entry from Firefox, select it with the arrow keys or by hovering the mouse (don't click!) and press Shift+Del.