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How to send mails with an alternative from-address?

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  • How to send mails with an alternative from-address?

    I m looking for ways how to solve the following problem:
    Lets say our domain is
    Every user has its own account and one personal mailadress. Lets say user2 and so on.
    There are shared mailboxes for organization units with mail-addresses, lets say there is one
    User 1, 2, 3 and 4 have subscribed to the shared mailbox of orgunit1.
    So incoming mails for orgunit1 are handled like we want it. No problem so far.

    But when one of the users (1-4) answers a mail which was send to orgunit1 the problem is that the sender address is the personal one of the user and not the address

    I already tried different things but nothing was satisfying:
    1. When I add the alias "" for user1 he can send mails with the sender address orgunit1 by using the dropdown-field in new mail. But after that no mails go into the shared folder of orgunit1 any more. They only go to the personal mailbox of user1. So useless.
    2. If I delete the shared folder and make a group-account with the mail-address and add the alias to each of the accounts user1-4 every user can use the sender-address orgunit1 by using the dropdown-field. I could even share the inbox of orgunit1 and subscribe it with user1-4. But every user1-4 gets a copy of the mail to his personal mailbox also. Defining filters to get rid of the mails which are going to the personal mailboxes of the users is not possible because sometimes there are mails sent to orgunit1 and user1 and user9 and.... so they have to be kept in the personal mailbox in this cases and not be deleted by a filter because they were send to orgunit1.

    How could I solve the above problem in the best way? Users1-4 only want to send mails in some cases with the from-address orgunit1 and sometimes with their personal mailaddress user1. They do NOT want to switch between a personal and a groupaccount (orgunit).

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    depending on your Mail-Server, there is a order how to handle incoming mails.

    The shared-folder should get mails first. After that the users will get them.

    example: postfix -> /etc/postfix/
    We changed it that way:
    virtual_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual, ldap:ldapsharedfolderlocal, ldap:ldapgroups, ldap:ldapdistlist, ldap:ldapvirtual