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Out of memory on Debian Etch

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  • Out of memory on Debian Etch

    Hi everybody,

    Today I tried to update an oxldapsync version following OX update.

    All steps of update was proceeded as planned, but after all when I launch ldapsync manually I get a kernel "Out Of Memory" message.

    When I launch a "top" command, I can see the memory amount decrease fastest until depletion.

    Are someone already encountered this problem, can someone help me about this ?

    Thanks in advance.


    My conf :

    Open-Xchange v6.16.0 rev4
    OXLdapSync v1.0.1-4
    Perl 5.8.8

    Debian Etch 4.0
    Kernel 2.6.18

    RAM : 4096 Mo

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    This is the first time I hear there is a memory problem. How many users do you try to import or are in the context?


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      Hi and thanks for response,

      I've got 120 users in all, but this is only update of LDAP Sync tool therefore just one of the users has sustained some changes.



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        still weird. We have context with contexts with 300+ users and no problems. I think the problem could be getting the users list. Could please put a die at the end of the function getOXUserList in lib/OX/User/ If the script does not die there it will be a problem getting the parsing the user list.


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          Thanks a lot for the reply, I'll try this today.

          Thanks again.


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            Today I tried to put a die after the function getOXUserList, but there's nothing happened, but I tried to use the old file (version 1.0.1-1 of oxldapsync) and it works, I expect that some function making a loop causes an kernel OoM.

            Did you think that the solution has good or I need to downgrade to version 1.0.1-1 definitely ?

            Great thanks.


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              I had the same problem with oxldapsync-1.0.1-27.1 on SLES10 SP3.
              I found out that the loop
              while (my $row = $csv->getline ($io))
              in /opt/oxldapsync/lib/OX/User/ line 218 is an infinite loop,
              because Text::CSV_XS seems yield empty rows infinitely. This may be a bug in
              perl-Text-CSV_XS-0.23-372.4 (from the SLES 10 SP3 SDK).

              May be the same problem occurs on Debian.

              The problem can be solved by adding

              last if ( ! @fields );

              below my @fields = @$row; (line 220 in lib/OX/User/

              see also


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                Thanks a lot for your reply, I can't try this for the moment
                but if the problem occur I'll try.

                I'll make a feedback here when I did a test under Debian.

                Thanks again.