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oxadmin not working on CLI

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  • oxadmin not working on CLI


    we are using successfully oxldapsync. But after running oxldapsync we have
    some problems using the cli interface. So when I try to change user settings
    I get an error
    /opt/open-xchange/sbin/listuser -c 1 -A oxadmin -P PASSWORD
    users in context 1 could not be listed:
    Server response:
    Authentication failed

    The pw *is* working for oxldapsync ....

    What can we do ?

    Bye, Peer

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    Perhaps the context id is incorrect? The cli will return any specific error details for security reasons if access to a context fails.


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      we only have *one* context. The password is the same for oxldapsync and the cli commands.
      Is there a way to create a second admin account to check/change the password of the oxadmin ?
      Using the WEB-Interface will alway work, because the ldap pw is taken, right ?


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        I doubt that oxldapsync is working using the same password for oxadmin and it does not work when running the same command outside. That sounds quite unlikely.
        Fact is, that the admin cli authenticates against the database via admin daemon. That means, you cannot use the password in ldap of the same user oxadmin. oxadmin user still has the same password for the admin daemon, which you specified upon initial context creation (unless you manually changed it using changeuser). oxldapsync cannot sync passwords, btw.


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          Originally posted by Carsten Hoeger View Post
          Fact is, that the admin cli authenticates against the database via admin daemon.
          Fact is also: the oxldapsync seem's to work. New users added to the ldap can be found in the member list of the open xchange
          when I create a appointment. Also nobody has change/modified the oxadmin user. Only "normal" ldap users. It wasn't clear,
          if the cli commands *only* work against the database, or if the settings of the gui are used (auth. against LDAP).

          I've reseted the password and now everything works normal.


          Originally posted by Carsten Hoeger View Post
          ...oxldapsync cannot sync passwords, btw.
          That's clear and not necessary, because the authentication for normal user is done against LDAP.
          We just need the LDAP Account to automatically create the users within open xchange.