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oxldapsync - Error on search: : Sizelimit exceeded

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  • oxldapsync - Error on search: : Sizelimit exceeded

    Hi OX Community,

    i'm a Beginner with openldap. It's used as central User-authentification at my Company.

    When I try to synchronize our Users from our ldap db with the command:

    /opt/oxldapsync/sbin/ -c 1
    i get the following error:

    Error on search:  : Sizelimit exceeded at /opt/oxldapsync/sbin/../lib/OX/LDAPConnector/ line 71, <DATA> line 522.
    Has this error todo with the "sizelimit 1000" we use in our slapd.conf ?

    Can I use a search filter for the as workaround ? I don't want to change the slapd.conf if I don't have to.

    Any Idea's on how to solve this Problem ?


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    You're requesting more then 1000 entries from your openkdap server. Either increase that limit or use a query that does not fetch so many results.


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      I've increased the sizelimit to 1500 in slapd.conf and run the Script again. The Error is gone, the Script is syncing some Data from LDAP, but the results are not satisfying. It only syncs some Addressbook Data, but the Problem for this is maybe because i am forced to use an unprivileged LDAP-User.

      In between I switches to IMAP-Authentication, which is much easier to implement. Maybe I use the oxldapsync Script for Addressbook Data syncronisation later.

      But for now IMAP-Auth solves the Problem for me.


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        Thanks for your suggestion. I really appreciate that you took all this time to try and help us. Keep up the good work. Keep on taking action.