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    katibu Guest

    Default Couldn't reach the filestore: %s when try to upload a file to folder


    I can't upload a file to a folder, server response:
    Couldn't reach the filestore: %s

    how to use shared folder?


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    Francisco Laguna Guest


    I'll try to answer the first bit ;-) The folder concept is for someone else to explain, it's too early for complicated thoughts...

    With some installations the setup process didn't create the directory:


    So you might want to do that yourself. Make sure that the open-xchange user can write to that directory and create subfolders in it. If that doesn't help, have a look at the logfiles, maybe even turning up the loglevel:



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    katibu Guest


    I do that chown -R open-xchange : openxchange /var/opt/openexchange/filespool/
    after create directory filespool

    and when I try to upload a fiel to userstore in subfolder and without subfolder
    no errors, but de file don't exist or I can't view.

    when I entry to my ox with user I show this message
    Error code FLS-0004: Couldn't reach the filestore: file:/var/opt/open-xchange/filespool/1_ctx_store

    but 1_ctx_store is a directory I need create too ?

    I need to do this every time I create a user ?

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    rudal Guest


    i think you dont need to create that each time
    as long as you have the basic /var/opt/open-xchange/filespool you should be able to use that.

    So when you log in, the ox will create a sub-dir within the filespool.
    then when you upload file, it'll create another sub-dir within the previous sub-dir that was created.

    I think in your case, the ox does not have the permission to write in that directory.

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    katibu Guest



    finally I do it chmod 777 /var/opt/open-xchange/filespool to try if this is a problem with permision and Nothing de same missage:

    Couldn't reach the filestore: %s

    I crete a new userstore and subfolder and the same

    now I will try with a new user



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