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    paul.raison Guest

    Default Unable to login after update


    I had a running installation on Ubuntu using the packages that was working fine.

    I recently upgraded the packages with the Update Manager and am now unable to login and get the following error:-

    Error: Cannot get connection to database. (CTX-0005, -1186469834-22)

    Looking at the config files, it looks like the etc/admindeamon/configdb file was replaced with the default. I have put the correct mysql password back in that file but still get the same error. Is there a command I should use to ensure that the correct mysql password is used by OX?


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    please also check the configdb.properties files at the groupware/ directory and the system.properties files if the server_name attribute has been altered by the update. Generally it is wise to check the differences between those configuration files and merge them afterwards.


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    paul.raison Guest


    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the info, I had missed the same configdb.properties file in the groupware folder. All is working again now.

    I'm fairly certain that the Ubuntu Update Manager never asked me about replacing the config files, but I may be wrong!

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