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    5kyy Guest

    Default Open XChange on my Root-Server Installation & Licenses


    im new in this forum and hope i get some answers for my questions. In case my english is not the best... forgive me. Iḿ just a german ;-)

    Since few days i have a Root-Server based on Devian/Lenny & Confixx.
    On this i want to install OpenXChange for my own use. Not for sale. In future my Thunderbird sould connect to it, also my iPhone.

    First question:
    I think a free Version for me is available. Is also a free Version for my iPhone existing?

    Second question:
    Having some problems with installing & configaration. I followed the Open-Xchange Server 6 on Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 guide.
    The first install point is mysql-server? I can leave it because mysql runs on the server or?
    I installed it however and got the message, that the mysql-server is stopped. I started it again and my Joomla Installtions runs again.
    But in the following initialising the configdb-database as described, i got the error, that root@localhast is not allowed...
    What i must do on a existing mysql server? Are better Tutorials available? In server-technology iḿ new and know ... nothing.
    On linux & terminals iḿ trusted becaus i use Kubuntu on a local machine.


    PS. I completed now the tutorial and all seems to run. Nor errors and all steps where successfully. Now i should connect with a webbrowser to my server. But what URL i must type in? confixx is for example... confixx.user.blablabla.de
    But what is OX?
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    there is no free version of the synchronization plugin for iPhone or other Active Sync devices available. The plugin contains an implementation of a micrsoft protocol which must not be public.
    If you already have a database working, you might use that one. There is no need to install the mysql-server package twice.
    The issue with the database access is caused by the fact that the tool "initconfigdb" does not work correctly if the mysql root user has a password. This is also mentioned at the installation guide. You might either drop the password for mysql "root" user temporarily (while running this tool), or create a database user "openexchange" manually.
    The URL you need to navigate to depends on the system configuration. The Open-Xchange user interface will typically install to /var/www/ox6.
    Open-Xchange Server does not use the confixx user management. You need to maintain those users separately at the database. See the "Creating contexts and users" part of the guide.


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    5kyy Guest


    Hello Martin Braun, (sounds german???)

    thank you for thes detaild informations. You helped me very much.
    Where i got this free Synchronisation Plugin? . . . oh . . . you wrote a . . . NO


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