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    Rodrigo Silveira Guest

    Default Unable to build open-xchange-admin ... files missing from the head

    Hello - The ADMIN build fails processing the open-xchange-admin-plugin-mailfilter. See http://www.open-xchange.com/forum/sh...le-%28Token%29 for a ticket with the error message.

    Attached are two png files showing the content of the HEAD and the Version (last_working_version) for open-xchange-admin-plugin-mailfilter. The HEAD screenshot includes the files in the HEAD and the VERSION_last_working_version the files included in the Version (last_working_version). As it can be seen, there is a significant difference between the files included in each version.

    Are the failures due to the missing files. If not, what could be wrong?

    - Rodrigo
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    Carsten Hoeger is offline Open-Xchange Professional Services
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    Mar 2007


    Check out


    on how to handle the mailfilter bundle.
    It needs the prepare target to be run.

    If you also need the mailfilter bundle and have checked it out from the Repository, select the file build.xml at the com.openexchange.mail.filter repository and drag&drop it to the Ant View. Expand the added Ant configuration and double-click the entry prepare.


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    Rodrigo Silveira Guest


    Carsten - Thanks very much for the help. Is there a wiki page, similar to the one you referred me to, with instruction on how to set up and build the Admin piece?



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