Hello, i am installing OX 6.22 in a labtest machine (i had worked with OX 5 for a while)

After following each step of the oxpedia to install OX 6.22 everything seems to be righe except because when i log in this message appears: "you need to enable javascript in order to access Openexchange Server"

I have searched the web and the forum i and got this thread:


Thinking that maybe some of the modules could not be loaded as Martin suggests i load them again one by one using a2enmod, all of them was allready loaded and javascript-common package is installed and updated.

Steps followed

Any guide or reference link will be more than helpfull


Ps: my server data

OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.3.9) (7u21-2.3.9-5)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 23.7-b01, mixed mode)

ii  open-xchange                             7.4.0-11                      all          The Open-Xchange backend
ii  open-xchange-admin                       7.4.0-11                      all          The Open-Xchange backend administration extension
ii  open-xchange-authentication-database     7.4.0-11                      all          Module for authenticating users using the password stored in MySQL
ii  open-xchange-authorization-standard      7.4.0-11                      all          Module implementing the default authorization
ii  open-xchange-core                        7.4.0-11                      all          The essential core of an Open-Xchange backend
ii  open-xchange-grizzly                     7.4.0-11                      all          The Open-Xchange HTTP Server and Servlet Container
ii  open-xchange-gui                         6.22.4-11                     all          Package containing the AJAX gui
ii  open-xchange-gui-l10n                    6.22.4-11                     all          Package containing i18n helper functions
ii  open-xchange-gui-l10n-en-us              6.22.4-11                     all          Package containing translation for en_US
ii  open-xchange-gui-loading-theme-default   6.22.4-11                     all          Package containing the default loading theme
ii  open-xchange-gui-login-theme-default     6.22.4-11                     all          Package containing the default login theme
ii  open-xchange-gui-themes-default          6.22.4-11                     all          Package containing the default themes
ii  open-xchange-imap                        7.4.0-11                      all          The Open-Xchange IMAP Bundle
ii  open-xchange-osgi                        7.4.0-11                      all          3rd party OSGi bundles used by the Open-Xchange backend
ii  open-xchange-smtp                        7.4.0-11                      all          The Open-Xchange Server SMTP Bundle
ii  open-xchange-themes-default              7.4.0-11                      all          Enables the default themes in the UI
ii  open-xchange-xerces-sun                  7.4.0-11                      all          Xerces Compat for Sun Java