Have a couple of questions regarding the new client onboarding introduced in 7.8.1, which I'm hoping that someone will have some input on.

  1. Judging from client-onboarding.properties, there is some SMS functionality supported by the onboarding feature. Am I right to assume that this, when setup properly, allows for configurations (.mobileconfig) to be sent via SMS? This makes very much sense, as the default offering (to send via e-mail) doesn't make very much sense, as you're most likely going through onboarding _because_ you want to set up e-mail on your phone. (And transferring a .mobileconfig from a computer to an iPhone isn't too easy - if it's possible at all)
    For the average user, an SMS containing a link to a .mobileconfig would be the easiest way for setting up a device (iOS first and foremost). However the client-onboarding docs do not mention anything of this SMS factor, as far as I can see. Would I need to create a custom implementation (as per http://oxpedia.org/wiki/index.php?ti...Implementation (is that article still accurate?)? Are there any such implementations made already for well-known providers (e.g. Twilio) that are available for public/licensed use?
  2. I cannot find any documentation about the eM-Client support in client-onboarding. Enabling the emclient and adding the 'emclient' capability to a user does indeed provide a "Download" link in the onboarding, but this does not provide any autoconfiguration at all. Neither is the 'emclient' capability mentioned anywhere in oxpedia.org as far as I can see (what does it do?). What is the nature of this relationship between OX and the eM-Client?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.