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  • cannot find context

    Hello, after setting this error appears on my screen at login with
    "Error: Cannot find context "". (CTX-0010, 282037744-50)."

    Seems that OX recognize the user because if I put an incorrect password
    the error changes to the following:
    Login failed. Please check your user name and password and try again.


    # This file contains the configuration for the ldap authentication.

    # URL of the LDAP server to connect to for authenticating users.
    # ldaps is supported.
    java.naming.provider.url=ldap://, dc=com

    # Defines the authentication security that should be used.

    # Timeouts are useful to get quick responses for login requests. This timeout is
    # used if a new connection is established.

    # This timeout only works since Java 6 SE to time out waiting for a response.

    # This attribute is used login. E.g. uid=<login>,baseDN

    # This is the base distinguished name where the user are located.

    # If you do not want to pass on the user id, used for authentication, to the
    # groupware but another field entry of the LDAP user object, then you can
    # specify the field here.

    # set subtreeSearch to true if the user entries are not directly below the
    # baseDN, and e.g. distributed over one or more subtrees.
    # The bindDN to authenticate the user will then determined using a search
    # over the complete tree below baseDN
    # NOTE: When two users exist with the same uidAttribute, authentication
    # will be refused, though.

    # specify the filter to limit the search of user entries (used in combination with
    # subtreeSearch=true.
    # the filter will be ANDed with the attributed specified in uidAttribute.
    # Example:
    # (&(objectclass=posixAccount)(uid=foo))

    # if your LDAP server does not allow to do searches without any authentication,
    # specify a dn here to bind in order to search (used in combination with

    # subtreeSearch=true).
    bindDN=cn=admin, dc=intranet, dc=com

    # the password required for the bindDN

    any suggestion?
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  • #2
    i have got the same problem

    how did you fix that? :-)

    tanks you very much

    best regards chris