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Open-XChange Hosting Edition with central MySQL cluster.

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  • Open-XChange Hosting Edition with central MySQL cluster.

    We have a central database cluster for all the databases of Java applications we run in our environment.
    This database cluster holds a lot of databases and is scaled to be able to withstand this load.
    I was planning on putting the databases of Open-XChange on this cluster but I find that I need to give Open-XChange way too much rights on our cluster witch could potentially endager other applications. Is there a way to work around this?
    Could I for example create the needed databases and tell Open-XChange where to find those databases?
    Could I tell Open-XChange to use a certain prefix when using databases? For example allways start the database name with OXHE_ and create the databases that are needed beforehand using this naming syntax so I don't have to give the Open-Xchange database users rights to create databases.

    Jan Hugo Prins

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    Hi Jan,

    yes this is possible and prefixes for new database schemas will be added automatically, you can set this database names at the point of installation. Please see the installation/administration guides over here: