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OX 6.10 - Problem with automatic mbox detection and Cyrus delayed expunge

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  • OX 6.10 - Problem with automatic mbox detection and Cyrus delayed expunge

    I'm using OX SE 6.10 with Cyrus 2.3 and I noticed that a "test" folder is created (and immediately deleted) in the user inbox for each user login in order to test for the "mbox" feature.

    For example:
    CREATE INBOX/1251905076703
    LIST "" INBOX/1251905076703
    LIST (\HasNoChildren) "/" "INBOX/1251905076703"
    DELETE INBOX/1251905076703

    The problem is that with Cyrus this behaviour leads to a number of junk folders kept for some period due to the "delayed expunge" feature of Cyrus...

    After some code inspection I found that the IMAPDefaultFolderChecker.checkDefaultFolders(Strin g) (in particular, the new IMAPCommandsCollection.supportsFolderType method) is responsible for the creation/deletion of those temporary folders.

    With previous OX version, using the com.openexchange.imap.mboxEnable I can manually turn on/off the mbox support, but with OX 6.10 the mbox "must be" always automatically detected.

    Could mbox auto-detection mechanism be improved in the next OX version?
    For example allowing the administrator to turn on/off mbox by property (as previous OX versions), or deducing mbox support from imap server type or something else.
    Thanks for your work!

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    Well, with upcoming release this check is only done once per IMAP server.

    Hope this is OK for you.


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      Your solution seems very appropriate.
      Is this feature already planned for the upcoming OX 6.12 release?


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        Yap... Stay tuned!